Hint: Check out the Fill in the Blank Headlines for even more ideas

Create curiosity

Do this 1 thing and ______________

Discover Your _____________

I Bet You’d Never Guess _________

You’ve been Asking, Here’s my Answer.

Stop wondering how to __________________

You were on my mind

I wanted to share this with you

Let’s talk about this

If I started all over again, I’d do this

This one thing changed everything

Tell me what you think of this

You’ll love this quick tip

A Sneak Peek

Here’s the truth

Are you doing this?

Psssst…. ___________ Secrets Inside

Some Unsolicited Advice

Steal these ____________ secrets

Check out _______________

THIS is the hottest trend in __________________


Ask a question

Have you been wondering?

Are you tired of _________?

Are you ______________?

Do you _____________?

Is ____________ stressing you out?

Do you ever want to just give up?

What do you think about this?

Have I Told you About ___________?

Can we talk?

Did you see ____________?

What if _________________?


Straight to the point

Here’s My Guide to _______________

Here’s a quick way to _____________

Finally eliminate ________ once and for all

To the ________ who wants to ___________

______________ Answered

Attention __________ (audience): Stop ___________

Let’s talk about ____________

Here’s my __________

Check out ______________

“Borrow” my _____________

Copy and paste these ______________


Simplicity works

You said yes

Following Up

Checking in with you about ________


Quick Question

Hi [Name]

Need my help?

I Need your Help

Can you Help?

See you today?

Gift for you!



Sales specific

Today Only:  ______________ (Offer)

X Spots Left

[Almost Gone] _________ Ends Today

Are you in?

Ends Today!

Sale Ending! This is it!

Introducing _________

New! ______________

You + _________ = Love?

The ___________ is coming